After an appointment with a Doctify Healthcare Provider you (the patient) can submit feedback on your experience with the clinician or practice. These reviews help future patients make a more educated decision about Healthcare Providers. 

How to Submit a Doctify Review? 

In order to submit your feedback to Doctify, your Healthcare Provider will give you their unique Review Link following your appointment or treatment. 

The review link will be as follows, with the addition of their bespoke code at the end:{{enter unique code here}}

You will have the option to leave feedback and a star rating of 1-5 in three categories (with 5 being the best) for your practitioner. 

Following this, you have the option to submit feedback for the facility that you were seen at. Again, you can submit a  star rating of 1-5 in four categories (with 5 being the best) and written commentary of your experience.

How to Submit a Doctify Review from a Tablet/iPad Device

Your clinician or the facility that you attended may utilise our Doctify Review App to collect your feedback. If so, you can also submit a star rating and review for both the doctor and practice  - you can do this on site after your appointment.

I Submitted a Review, Why Hasn't it Been Posted Yet?

We want to hear about your experience and we read each and every review for clinicians and practices in order to ensure that these adhere to our T&C's.
Please be aware that it can take between 24-48 hours for your review to show live on the Doctify website - thanks for your patience!

If you have any questions or require assistance please contact

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