How Does Doctify work?

How to select a healthcare professional & request an appointment

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Updated over a week ago is an online platform where you can search, compare and request appointments with clinicians, dentists and clinics online.

To use Doctify, visit Here you will see a search bar in which you can type a condition you may have, a treatment or scan you need, or the type of consultant you wish to see.

You can filter your search by location.

**Please note that if you do not specify a location, the search function will default to London**

Your search results will appear as in the image below. 

You have the option to filter further by: 

  • Your preferred language

  • The distance you wish to travel from your current location

  • The consultants covered by your insurance provider

  • The gender of the clinician

  • The appointment type, Video consultation or in Person

  • The number of ratings a consultant has

  • The number of endorsement a consultant has

  • Choose a specific 'Keyword/tag' to narrow down your search

Having filtered as necessary, you can then explore the profiles of clinicians consultants which display reviews from previous patients, credentials, consultation fees, practices, locations. media, insurers and FAQs.

*This is only an example, please do not try and book with this profile*

When you have selected the consultant that you wish to see, you can:

  • Click 'Call' or 'Book' to view the email address and telephone number

  • Click on 'Book' which is an external link to make an appointment. Please note, if this link has not been attached by the consultant or practice, this feature will not appear.

After your appointment has taken place, you will be given a unique patient QR code or review link via email, text message or letter. Using this, you can leave feedback on your experience with the healthcare professional or practice to help future patients make informed decisions.

​If you'd like any further assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or via Live Messenger during operating hours.

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