If you would like to modify your Doctify profile information you can do so very simply by logging in to your profile (forgot your password?).

Once logged in you will be brought to the editing space of your profile. It will look something like this:

From here you can modify any of the basic information that appears on your profile as often as you wish.

Your Speciality

As you scroll down you are able to edit your basic information, personal contacts details and add the professional body which you are accredited to. 

The only section that cannot be changed is the 'Speciality' section which defines your top level speciality. This is protected for data integrity reasons, so if your speciality is listed incorrectly at the very top level please drop us a message at customerservice@doctify.co.uk or you can simply click the intercom icon at the bottom right hand side of the screen to open a chat box and speak to a member of our team  - as seen below. 

Other than your standard details you should go through and update the following information:

  1. Medical Procedures (Search Terms)
  2. Subspecialities
  3. Special Interests (Search Terms)
  4. Fees
  5. Insurance
  6. Languages (Please note you cannot have your profile exclusively in a language other than English)
  7. About 
  8. Education & Memberships

Medical Procedures & Special Interests

You'll find that there are tick-boxes to select predefined Medical Procedures and Special interests. Please select any and all that apply to you. For example:

These pre-defined categories correspond to our search engine and therefore allow patients to find you more easily. If you have not selected the tick boxes then you will not be searchable under these keywords.

The text entry boxes are where you're free to expand on your professional experience and tell patients about yourself. The more content the better!

When you've finished making any changes to this page, please make sure you scroll down to the bottom or up to the top of the edit profile page and click the 'Save profile' button. If you don't do this your profile won't save!

If you'd like any assistance getting your profile set up don't hesitate to get in touch with us at customerservice@doctify.co.uk and we'll happily get you all sorted!

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