Your peer recommendations are indicated in Doctify's search results as well as your own profile. This way patients have fast and easy access to authentic professional endorsements which help to build trust and confidence in the decision making process.

Make a New Recommendation

The recommendations tab can be found on the left-hand side of your profile, from here you can make, request and view live colleague endorsements on your profile.

In order to endorse a colleague, click on 'Recommendations' and then 'Given'. From here, you will be prompted to search for a peer from the drop-down menu. You must select how you are connected with the particular colleague and share your recommendation in the free text-box below.

** If the Specialist you want to endorse is not currently on Doctify platform, you can still leave a recommendation by inputting their details manually, however this will only appear on their profile when they have a live Doctify profile.

Click 'Next' and select at least one procedure or condition from the list provided before confirming that you are not related to the individual.

**The maximum keywords you can select is three, any more and the recommendation will not publish.

Request a Recommendation

If you wish to obtain a recommendation from a Doctify colleague you will need to click 'Request' on the left-hand side under 'Recommendations.'

From here, you will be prompted to search for a colleague and select the procedures or conditions you wish to be endorsed for. Your request will then drop into your peers' inbox for completion on their own dashboard and then publication on your Doctify profile.

** Currently you can only request recommendations from Specialists that are on the Doctify Dashboard.

Revoke, Delete or Flag Recommendations

At any given time you can revoke any recommendations you have made via the Doctify dashboard, this will remove it from the Specialist's profile and your dashboard.

You can also flag any recommendations that have been made for you, by doing this it will remove it from your profile so it is not visible by patients. If this has been flagged it will have the comment Hidden on profile.

If you would like more information about our peer recommendation function, please reach out to our Support Team using the contact form or via using Live chat during operating hours.

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