How to log in 

Your Doctify profile was set-up using the email address provided upon joining our community. If you are not sure which email address is registered please contact us for verification.

To get started, please go to and select 'Log In' from the top right corner.

Please select the 'Log In' button located next to 'Clinics & Specialists' and you will be directed to the relevant page.

From here, please enter your email address and password and select 'Log In' to access your Doctify Dashboard.

**If you are logging in for the first time, please select 'Forgot your Password?' and follow the instructions below.**

How to change your password

When you have successfully logged in to your profile and want to change the password, please click on your name or email address in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard to reveal a drop-down menu that displays 'change password'. Here you can change your password.

Forgotten your Password? 

If you cannot remember your login credentials or are logging in to your Doctify profile for the first time, please click 'Forgot your password?' located on the log in page.

Please enter the email address associated with your account and click 'Submit'.

You will now receive an email, please follow the instructions and link provided in order to reset your password.


If you can't log in but know your email and password, please check that you are on the right website based on your location. If you look at our logo in the top left-hand corner, it should say Doctify with the relevant country e.g. United Kingdom. If this says a different country to the one that you are signed up with, please contact us to get the relevant website link.

If you do not receive the reset password email or for any other queries, please contact our support team at

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