When patients find you on Doctify they will want to know where and when they can see you and how to get in touch with you. Here's how to use your Doctify Dashboard to manage all of the information they will need to answer those questions.

In your Doctify Dashboard you can:

  • Add or remove clinics from your profile.
  • Choose what contact information to use for each location your practice at.
  • *COMING SOON* - Display your clinic hours at your different practices.

Getting Started

Firstly, log in to your profile at https://doctify.com/uk/login. This will open your Doctify Dashboard, now go to "My Clinics" and then select "Edit Clinics" to get started.

**Please note: if you are unable to view the 'Edit', 'Practice' and 'Calendar' tabs then you may need to close the account dropdown. To do so please select the 'V' arrow on the right of your screen - highlighted below**

Adding and removing a Clinic from your Profile

To add a new clinic to your profile, follow these steps:

  • Click on "Add Clinic" at the bottom of the Clinic Times section of the page.
  • Type in the name of the Clinic you want to add your profile.
  • Select it from the drop-down and then click Add.

Updating your contact details for patients

It is important that you list contact details for each of your clinics. Without contact details, it is not possible for patients to make an enquiry and you could, therefore, miss out on this potential patient.

Please enter the following information for each clinic:

  • Telephone Number - Visible to patients on your profile and allows them to make a phone enquiry for the practice of their choosing.
  • Text Message Number (optional) - Not visible to patients. Used to text you or your secretary to let you know when an enquiry is made.
  • Email Address - Not visible to patients. Used to notify yourself and/or your team of a patient enquiry. ** Please note that you can add up to five email addresses per clinic, we recommend that at least one of the five is your own so as you are aware of account activity.**

If you wish to have one set of contact details for all of your listed clinic locations then please tick 'Use single point of contact' and enter your details in the solitary box provided.

Any details you enter on individual clinics will be saved when you switch to a single set of details. This makes it easy to switch between the two options should you need to do so.

Display Clinic Times on your Doctify Profile

**Please note that this feature is currently in development. Information entered here will not currently display on your profile. We'll notify all customers once the feature is live.**

Showing patients where and when they can find you is a great tool to help them in their decision making. Here's how to add the times you practice at each location to your Doctify profile.

If you would like to enter your working hours you can do so by clicking 'Select Time' and entering and saving your hours in the 'Specialist working time' field. These times will not be shown on your profile and are for your own reference.

Please do contact hello@doctify.co.uk if you have any questions or require assistance in setting up this section of your profile.

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