When you receive a review, peer recommendation or booking request you will get a notification in your Doctify profile.

To access your inbox you will need to log in to your profile (forgot your password?).
Once you've logged in you will need to click the 'Messages' tab to read your notifications.

In this section you can very simply click on the message to read patient reviews, peer recommendations and booking requests.

Booking Requests

When a patient requests an appointment they must provide contact details ( email and telephone) and their chosen payment methods. Patients are also prompted to provide a reason for their visit however, this is not mandatory when requesting their booking.

You can access this information by clicking on the message. We encourage you or your medical secretary to contact the patient as quickly as possible to make further arrangements.

Following the appointment date and time, your booking request message will update to include a drop down box which allows you to select whether or not the patient attended the appointment. 

**Please note: Patients can only request an appointment. It is your responsibility to confirm a date and time. Correspondence from Doctify explains to patients that they should not attend your clinic until receiving written or verbal confirmation from you or your secretary**

If you cannot access your messages or have any further questions please contact

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