Doctify is a review platform which can be used to highlight your expertise, increase your online reputation and build trust with patients. In order to garner patient interest you need to be fully engaged and actively collecting reviews on a regular basis.

If you would like to track your Doctify progress and patient engagement you can do so by logging in to your profile (forgot your password?). Once you've logged in you will need to click the 'My Stats' tab to view your statistics.

The 'My Stats' tab allows you to view patient engagement with your public facing profile. You can view your statistics over the last 30, 90 days and lifetime with Doctify.

What are your Statistics?

Bookings - This figure refers to the number of patients which have used your Doctify calendar to request an appointment with you in a selected time period.

Appointment Requests - The number of patients that have clicked on the 'Request Appointment' button featured next to your profile picture.

 Telephone Requests -  The number of potential patients that have clicked the 'Show Phone Numbers' button featured next to your profile picture. This function does not track the number of direct calls you have received however, it does indicate patient engagement with your profile page.

Total Leads - The sum total of your booking requests, appointments requests and telephone requests you have received within a certain time period.

Page Views  - The number of potential patients that have viewed and engaged with your profile page across 30 days, 90 days or your lifetime on Doctify.

Reviews - This refers to how many reviews were submitted and verified for live use on your profile page in your selected time frame. It also includes the overall rating which you have received out of 5 stars. There is often a strong correlation between reviews and patient engagement. It is important that you you are continuously requesting patient feedback.

Peer Recommendations
- This figure notes the number or peer reviews you have received. 

If you would like a further explanation of your statistics or are dissatisfied with your progress on Doctify, we are here to help! Contact

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