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How to Set up the Doctify Review App for your iPad
How to Set up the Doctify Review App for your iPad

Our iPad app is the quickest and most efficient way to collect feedback and build your Patient Trust Score.

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Research has shown that a face-to-face request for help or feedback can be as much 34 times as effective as making the same request over email. That's why we give all customers access to our Doctify Review App.

Here's how you can get started with using the app today to collect more reviews and build your Patient Trust Score.

A quick note before we get started...You'll need to be connected to the internet to install the app and to log in or access the Settings Menu. You'll be able to collect patient feedback without the app being connected to the internet - reviews will be stored within the app and then uploaded to our servers next time the tablet is online. Please be aware that if the app is deleted, any reviews yet to be uploaded will be lost.

Downloading the Doctify Review App

Download the Doctify Review App from the Apple App Store.

Logging in to the Doctify Review App

On opening the Doctify Review App for the first time you will be presented with two methods to log in - Simple Login or QR Code.

Simple Login

To use this method you will need to enter the Country Code for your region and your Review Code.

  • Country Code: athena-uk

  • Review Code: The 6 character code at the end of your Doctify Review Link

Please note that both fields on the Simple Login method are case sensitive.

Now just click the green button to log in.

QR Code

The new QR Code login method means you won't need to remember any login details and can log in to the app on any device by simply scanning a unique QR code.

To use this method click on "Use QR Code". You'll then be asked to allow the Doctify Review App to access the camera on your tablet - click Allow.

Finally, you'll need to open the QR code that you've been sent by Doctify and use the tablet to scan the code. It'll take 3-5 seconds to register and then you'll automatically be logged in and ready to collect reviews.

Review Methods in the Doctify Review App

The Doctify Review App now provides you with 3 methods to collect patient feedback. We've listened to feedback and ensured that one of these removes the need for the patient to handle the tablet - meaning you won't need to clean the device after each use.

  1. QR Code - The patient can scan the QR code shown on the screen to open your review link on their mobile device.

  2. Review Now - The patient can leave their review on the tablet by clicking “Start”

  3. SMS - You can enter the patient’s mobile phone number to send them your review link by SMS.

Accessing the Settings Menu in the Doctify Review App

In order to access the Settings Menu, you'll need to click on the hidden button on the home screen of the app. We've not made this visible to ensure patients cannot accidentally open the menu and amend the options you've chosen within the app.

You'll find the button in the right-hand corner of the green bar along the top of the page. It's located just below the time and battery symbol as shown in this image.

When you access the Settings Menu, you'll be asked to enter your login details once again. As with when you first logged in, you'll have the option of using the Simple Login or QR Code methods.

On opening the menu you'll be presented with the following options:

  • Review Practice after Specialist - Turn this on to offer the patient the chance to review Practices associated with your profile once they've left feedback for you.

  • Custom Questions for Practice/Specialist - *COMING SOON* - We'll be adding an exciting new feature that allows you to add your own questions to the feedback process.

  • Patient Registration - Turning this option on will ask your patient to enter any ID number you have assigned to them.

  • PHIN Questions for Practice/Specialist - *COMING SOON* - These will be a standardised set of questions that add more detail to the feedback provided by your patient.

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