Having a good profile picture is as important as listing your education and skills - it is the first thing patient's view on your profile and therefore is essential in creating a good first impression. 

How to Upload a Profile Picture

Your profile image should be a square and measure 200 x 200 pixels.

It should be a clear and professional head shot that presents a friendly smiling face that patients can connect with. 

To upload the image to your Doctify, please login and you will be brought of the editing space in your profile. It will look something like this: 

Click 'Upload Image' to change your profile picture and you will be prompted to upload an image file from your computer. 

How to Edit your Profile Picture

As mentioned above, your profile image needs to be a 200 x 200 square in order for the quality and resolution to be reflected on your profile page.

You can use any simple editing software pre-loaded on your computer to ensure that your picture is the correct dimensions. 

PC: The Microsoft software 'Photo's allows you to very easily crop and adjust the aspect ratio of an image in a square. 

  • Select 'Crop and Rotate' from the top corner. 
  • Click 'Aspect ratio' and select the 'square' option. 
  • Your image will now be encompassed by a square, click and drag your image until it is centred in the square.
  • When happy, select 'Done'. Save a copy of this new image and upload to your profile. 

MAC: The Apple software 'Preview' allows you to crop and adjust images with relative ease. 

  • Click the top corner of where you wish to select and hold down the Shift Key
  • Drag your cursor over the part of the image you wish to select until the selection dimension reaches 200 x 200. 
  • Click 'Tools' from the toolbar at the top of your screen and select 'Crop' to create a square image. 
  • When happy, save a copy of this new image and upload to your profile.

If you need any assistance please contact customerservice@doctify.co.uk and we would be more than happy to help.

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