Having a good profile picture is as important as listing your education and skills - it is the first thing patient's view on your profile and therefore is essential in creating a good first impression. 

How to Upload a Profile Picture

It should be a clear and professional headshot that presents a friendly smiling face that patients can connect with. 

To upload the image to your Doctify, please log in and click on Edit Profile on the left-hand side. It should look like this: 

Click the green pencil on the photo to change your profile picture and you will be prompted to upload an image file from your computer. 

How to Edit your Profile Picture

Once you have clicked upload Image and have selected the image you wish to have as your profile logo image an adjuster option will appear as shown below:

Using the scale at the bottom of the photograph you can slide the circle horizontally across to adjust your profile picture to be a perfect position and it will enable you to adjust how zoomed in the picture is. Once you are happy with the position of the picture you can click upload image and you will have changed your profile image.

If you need any assistance please contact hello@doctify.co.uk and we would be more than happy to help.

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