Doctify has created your online profile however, there may be some final touches or edits that you would like to make.

Making sure the information on your profile is correct is key to raising your online presence and ensuring that patients can make an informed decision about their healthcare provider. 

If you would like to modify your Doctify profile information you can do so very simply by logging in to your profile. Please see here if you are unsure how to gain access.

Your Doctify Dashboard
Upon logging in you will be presented with your Doctify Dashboard, as shown below.

The Doctify Dashboard initially lists your recent Activity Log, and you can toggle through 'All' activities or view a breakdown of 'Booking', 'Review', 'Request' and 'Recommendation' separately.

Scrolling further down your Doctify Dashboard you can view the 'Summary Table' which contains a breakdown of your patient reviews, peer recommendations, page views and enquiry statistics.

How to Manage and Edit your Profile

To edit you patient-facing profile please navigate to ' Edit Profile' tab on the left of your screen.

As you scroll down you are able to edit your basic information. Please be sure to go through, check and update the following:

  1. Subspecialties
  2. Medical Procedures (Search Terms)
  3. Special Interests (Search Terms)
  4. Fees
  5. Insurance
  6. Languages (Please note you cannot have your profile exclusively in a language other than English)
  7. About 
  8. Education & Memberships

**Please note that the 'Speciality' section defines your top-level speciality in line with GMC registry. This is protected for data integrity reason, please contact if it is listed incorrectly.**

Subspecialties, Medical Procedures & Special Interests

You'll find that there are tick-boxes to select predefined Subspecialties, Medical Procedures and Special interests. Please select any and all that apply to you. For example:

These pre-defined categories correspond to our search engine and therefore allow patients to find you more easily.

**If you have not selected the tick boxes then you will not be searchable under these keywords.**

Listed beneath Medical Procedures and Special Interests you will find free text entry boxes where you can expand on your professional experience. This text will be visible to patients and will provide them with more content about your practice.

Further down, you can also list your Fees, Insurance Providers, Languages, About, and Education and Membership - all of which, if completed, are visible to patients visiting your profile. We recommend adding any additional content that may be of interest.

When you have finished editing your profile, please be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Save profile' button. There is no auto-save so if you do not do so, the edits made will be lost!

If you'd like any assistance getting the profile set up don't hesitate to get in touch with us at and we'll happily help!

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