Doctify is a review collection and publication platform whereby patient's can view your information, read your patient testimonials and make an appointment enquiry.  

Please watch our short video and read below for more information on how best to handle patient enquiries in a timely manner. 

Receiving Patient Enquiries

In order for a patient to request an appointment with you, they must complete our online request form. 

Once completed their request will be emailed to the address registered on your Doctify dashboard. This email is to notify you and/or your medical secretary that you should contact the patient in question at your earliest convenience.

Please note that you can add up to 5 email addresses per advertised practice on the 'My Practices' tab of your profile.

*If you do not register any email addresses patient's will not be able to make an enquiry*

Upon receiving an enquiry notification, you will be prompted to log in to your Doctify dashboard and retrieve the patient's details - these are not contained in the email itself in compliance with GDPR.

In order to log in to your dashboard please click here ((forgot your password?). Once you have gained access to your account, you will find your patient enquiries in the 'Messages' tab on the left of your screen.

The unread enquiry will appear as in the image below. In order to view the patient's contact details you must select 'Click To Reveal Patient Info'.

Upon clicking this, the patient's contact details will be visible and you can get in touch in whatever manner you see fit.

*Please note that patients can only enquire via Doctify, it is up to you and your medical support team to get in touch and make the necessary arrangements to confirm an appointment time and date*

Unread Patient Enquiries

Doctify are committed to helping deliver great patient care. For this reason, if an appointment enquiry has been outstanding for a number of hours we will continue to prompt you via email until the 'Click to Reveal Patient Info' is selected. 

On average, the consultants and medical secretaries we work with responds to patient enquiries between 6-12 hours, excluding weekend. You can view your own a patient response time from within the 'Messages' tab in your dashboard. 

Please be aware that our system stores your unread appointment enquiries and will filter for messages that have been left unseen for 36+ hours. Should an enquiry remain unopened for 36 hours or more, our team will contact you via email or phone to alert you to this pending request. 

As you well know, patients can naturally be anxious and eager to hear from you regarding their enquiry -  we aim to support you as best we can in achieving an acceptable response time and great patient experience.

If you'd like any assistance adding contact details or logging in please do not hesitate to contact us on

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