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How to Display your Reviews on your Website

Optimise the traffic that lands on your website

Updated over a week ago

Our designs are perfect for building trust with visitors to your site and increasing patient conversion. Having your Doctify review trust badges and boxes for all to see will help convert prospects into paying patients.

Our badges can be easily embedded into your website and continuously update with your most recent reviews and ratings.

We can also show all your specialist reviews and peer recommendations. e.g.

We also recommend using our book button so patients have a clear call to action on your website. The button links to your Doctify page so patients can see your reviews, availability and treatments - please see below for our designs and more information on getting started.

Which Review Box is Right for You?

How to Get your Review Box Code

Simply email our team at to request the catalogue from the team, and then select the Review Box of your choice and we will provide you with the correct code to integrate into your website.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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