Doctify is committed to helping improve patient experience. We work with you and your medical support team to ensure that patient enquiries are actioned in a timely manner

Patient Appointment & Booking Requests

When a patient makes an enquiry via your profile, Doctify will notify you via email (the addresses entered in the 'My Practices' tab) and prompt you to log into the account to access the patient's information.

**Please note that you can add up to 5 contact addresses per practice: see here for more details**

When a patient makes an enquiry they must provide contact details: email and telephone. In addition to this, patients are also prompted to provide a reason for their visit however, this is not a mandatory field and may be left blank.

In order to access patient information please log in to your Doctify account and select the 'Messages' tab on the left of your screen.

View Patient Information

In order to view your patient's contact details please select the unread message and 'Click to Reveal Patient Info'. 

Upon doing the relevant patient information will be visible and you can contact accordingly to make arrangements for their appointment. We encourage you or your medical secretary to contact the patient as quickly as possible to make further arrangements.

Patient Attendance

After appointment arrangements have been followed up, your can utilise the drop down box in each message to select whether or not the patient attended the appointment - it is important that this is completed so as the patient does or does not receive a follow-up text from Doctify which includes the ability to review your care. 

Patient Response Time

The top bar in your 'Messages' tab tracks how quickly you are revealing the patient details from the time of enquiry being made.

Given that  requiring healthcare services can be an anxious time for many people, we encourage you to answer enquiries as quickly as possible to provide an exceptional care experience. 

Doctify tracks how long a patient enquiry has been left unactioned and we will contact you via email at various intervals until the enquiry has been viewed within the 'Messages' tab. Please be aware that patients have conscientiously selected you as their consultant as they value your care and expertise; without receiving a timely reply to an enquiry they are likely to seek advice from an alternative medical professional.

**Please note: Patients can only request an appointment. It is your responsibility to confirm a date and time. Correspondence from Doctify explains to patients that they should not attend your clinic until receiving written or verbal confirmation from you or your secretary**

If you cannot access your messages or have any further questions please contact

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