Upon logging into Clinecall you will be presented with the calendar screen shown in the image below.

The calendar is used for making appointments, viewing/editing/deleting scheduled appointments and entering into your video consultation room.

You can change the view of your calendar by toggling between the option on the top right.     

Make a New Appointment

There are two ways of creating a new appointment in your calendar. 

The first is to click on “Make appointment” to open the appointment window.

The second is to click directly on the desired date and time of the appointment. This will also open the appointment window.

  1. Check the start and end times, then complete the appointment with the patient’s details including their first name, surname, email address and phone number.
  2. The email address must be completed for the patient to receive notification of their appointment.
  3. Add the clinician’s email address to receive notification of the appointment.
  4. A reference is not compulsory, but there may be an internal reference you wish to add.
  5. To add the appointment to your calendar, click on the   'Save' button. 
  6. Both the patient and clinician will now receive an email notification of their video consultation appointment with .ics file attached to add the appointment into their personal/work calendar

**Please note that if another member of your team will be scheduling appointments on your behalf, you will need to provide them with a copy of your login details**

Appointment Notification Emails

The email that the patient receives includes the following:

  • An appointment.ics file to add to their personal calendar
  • A unique patient PIN for entry into the video consultation room.
  • An easy ‘click here’ button to join the appointment and also the required URL if they need to navigate from a browser.
  • Links to an instruction video to help the patient use the service and our Frequently Asked Questions web page.
  • The option to test their device prior to joining the appointment.

**Please note that the email is sent from Clinecall and not the 'Healthcare Professional Email' address provided and therefore the patient does not have access to your contact information**

The email that the clinician receives, simply includes the appointment time and date and the appointment.ics file in order for the appointment to be transferred directly to a calendar.

Viewing Scheduled Consultation Appointments

Booked appointments can be viewed in your calendar by day, week or month. For each appointment, the calendar displays the scheduled time and patient name.

Change the calendar view by clicking on month, week or day or scroll through the calendar by using the arrows keys - the 'Today' button will return you to the current date.

Editing or deleting scheduled consultation appointments

Step 1: To edit or amend an appointment, click on the appointment in the calendar.

Step 2: In the appointment pop-up, choose to Delete or Edit event.

Step 3: Edit the appointment details as required and click

Please contact customerservice@doctify.co.uk if you or a member of your team requires assistance with your Clinecall account.

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