If you are providing video consultations to your patients at this time, Doctify will advertise this on your profile - as shown in the image below.

Patients are able to specifically search for consultants that provide this option and contact you accordingly.

As with enquiries for the physical locations your practice from, the booking email provided will receive a notification when a patient completes the 'Request Appointment' form on your profile. The email received will inform you that a patient wishes to visit you at the 'Video Consultation' location.

You must then login to www.doctify.com/uk, access the 'Requests' tab within your profile, retrieve the patient details and contact them to confirm a time and date for the appointment. 

After having done so, please follow the instructions here in order to schedule their appointment in your Clinecall video consultation software.

If you need further help updating your contact details or finding patient information, please visit our Help Center.

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