If you are providing video consultations to your patients, Doctify will advertise this on your profile - as shown in the image below. Patients are able to specifically search for consultants that provide this option and contact you accordingly.

How to Handle Patient Enquiries

Patients can very simply make an enquiry via your Doctify profile, follow the quick steps below to securely book their video consultation.

  • The patient selects to make an enquiry or chooses an available Video Consultation slot from your listed calendar availability.

  • Your listed booking email will receive an email notification when the patient has submitted their details.

  • Log in to Doctify and access the 'Requests' or 'Booking' tab within your Dashboard to retrieve the patient details.

  • You, or a member of your team, is required to contact the patient and confirm a time and date for their consultation.

  • After having done so, please follow the instructions here in order to schedule their Video Consultation.

How a Patient Enters the Video Room

Once scheduled, patients can very easily join a video consultation room - with no login or download required.

  • Once scheduled the patient receives a notification email containing their video joining link.

  • They will click 'Join the Consultation' at the relevant time and date to be directed to the Doctify video consultation room.

  • The patient enters their name, selects 'Join' and must wait to be admitted by you before entering the consultation room.

Device Settings

Once they have joined the call, audio and video settings available. These are located in the right corner of the video room, you can help direct them to the cog icon and choose the right device if they are having difficulty.

Audio Input - Select the preferred microphone from the dropdown and ensure that the visual microphone bar fills green when speaking.

Audio Output - Select the preferred speaker or headphones from the dropdown menu.

Video-Input - Choose from the available options and ensure the example video input is displaying correctly.

If you need further help please visit the articles located on our Help Center or email hello@doctify.co.uk.

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