Before using Clinecall for the first time we recommend you test that both your camera, microphone and speakers are working correctly. Here are the steps to do so...

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: In the 'Devices configured?' box on the bottom left, select 'Test your device'.

Step 3: Using the dropdown menus, select the camera and microphone you wish to use. Then click 'Continue'. We'd advice using the default options provided.

Step 4: Once in the test window, perform a sound check by clicking on 'Play Sound'.    You should be able to hear a ringing tone - please speak clearly into the microphone and the level should adjust within the indicator box. Once you are happy with your settings, exit the test window by clicking on 'End Call'.

If you have any issues with the camera or microphone then exit the test window, check your devices and settings and start the test again.

If you are having difficulty with this please contact and our team will be able to provide you with support.


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