Step 1: When it is time to begin a scheduled consultation, click on the appointment in the ClineCall calendar. The appointment will turn green if the patient is already waiting in the consultation room.

Step 2:Click on  'Got to Room'  
NOTE: This option is only available up to 10 minutes before the appointment time.

Step 3: Once the page has loaded, adjust your settings as required and click on           'Continue'. You will then be taken into the consultation room with your patient.

Consultation Room Settings

Control your camera, speaker and microphone or share a document or your screen by using the options on the tool bar on your right.

 End Call – Click on End Call to disconnect the consultation room and return to your calendar.
Full Screen – Expands the video consultation room to fill the screen of your laptop or PC.
Camera – Click on this button to stop broadcasting your image to the patient
Speaker – click to mute your speaker
Microphone – click to mute your microphone
Share Content – click to share your screen or specific document. Please see here for further information on using this option.
Toggle Content – click here to change your view or stop sharing content. 

Ending the consultation

To end the consultation, click on 'End Call'               .
This will take you back to your calendar calendar, ready for the next appointment.

Please contact if you or a member of your team requires assistance with your Clinecall account.

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