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Why do we verify reviews and how does it work

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Why do we verify patient reviews?

Doctify is proud to provide patients a totally trustworthy source of information that helps patients find a healthcare provider that is right for them. In order to ensure that the patient reviews published on our platform always are of the highest quality and can be truly trusted by patients, we verify every review that is submitted.

How do we verify patient reviews?

We verify patient reviews via a text message link that is sent to the patient's mobile phone after they have completed the review. The patient enters their mobile phone number like this:

The review will only be submitted once the patient has validated the review by clicking on the link inside the text message.

Can we send reminder text messages to those who forget to verify the review?

If a patient forgets to verify the review, Doctify will send reminder messages to prompt them. In total a patient can be sent up to 4 messages.

  1. After they initially leave the review

  2. 1 hour after

  3. 24 hours after

  4. 48 hours after initially leaving the review

    *please note only patient who have not verified the review will get reminder text messages.

What do we do with the mobile phone numbers we collect?

The mobile phone numbers we collect for review verification are used exclusively to verify feedback. They are not shared with any healthcare provider or used for any other purpose including for marketing or other communications.

If you have any questions about the data we collect and how we use it, please contact our Customer Support team on

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