If you have direct access to your specialists' Doctify accounts under your practice, our Doctify calendar feature allows you to advertise clinic hours, add specific appointments and out of office periods for each of these specialists.

Adding availability helps patients to ascertain when your specialists may be able to see them for a consultation and is shown on your profile like in the image below. However, please be aware that patients are not able to make a direct booking via these available slots - Doctify states clearly that patients do not have a confirmed booking until they have spoken to you or a member of your team.

To modify your calendar availability please log in to Doctify. If you have forgotten your password, please click on this link to show you how to reset it.

Upon logging in, please select 'My Clinics' and then 'Availability' on your left to load your specialist's calendar.

**Please note: that you can scroll or search through individual specialists in the toolbar on the left of your screen**

How to Add Availability to your Calendar

Upon locating the calendar tab you will be presented with a weekly view. To add slots to the specialist's calendar, select the time and date that you would like to advertise and select 'Advertise on Doctify' from the pop-up.

You will need to select the appropriate start time, duration, number of slots you wish to advertise and the slot type which is whether the slot will take place in person or through an online consultation.

If you would like to repeat the advertisement please click either daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or none and then enter the repeat start and end dates accordingly.

Click 'Save' to confirm your selection and the chosen slots will appear in your calendar, highlighted in the corresponding practice colour (shown in the 'Practices' tab). These calendar slots will also be visible to patients visiting your specialist's profile.

How to Add an Appointment to your Calendar

If you wish to use your Doctify Calendar to keep track of upcoming appointments, you can enter patient details securely from within the 'Calendar' section.

You will then need to locate the time and date of when you would like to start advertising available slots and click into the empty white space where you will be given the option to 'Advertise on Doctify', 'Add appointment' or 'Indicate out of office'.

From here, you have the ability to add all patient details securely and also ensure that this slot is removed from the patient-facing calendar on your profile.

How to Indicate Out of Office

It is important that you remove calendar availability when your specialists are on annual leave or out of office. Patient's use this calendar as an indication of your specialists' clinic times, please be sure to provide them with up-to-date and accurate information.

Much like before, you will need to select your chosen time and date from the calendar and click 'Indicate out of office'.

By selecting this, you can indicate individuals' personal holidays or annual leave and override any existing availability, making appointment slots disappear from the search page and their public profile.

You can select to override availability at a certain practice, or by selecting 'None' this will override all availability. You must then type a 'Description' that is applicable (this will not be visible to patients) and select the start and end dates to ensure that no available appointments are open to patient requests.

How to Change or Delete Availability from your Calendar

If clinic times change or you no longer wish to advertise particular slots for your specialists, you can click directly on a slot and select 'Update the availability'.

To amend availability please select the correct practice and change the start and end time before clicking 'Update'. Alternatively, please select 'Delete' to remove the time slot entirely - it will no longer appear in your calendar or your profile page.

To update availability please amend the start and end times along with the repeat options and click 'Update'

Alternatively, please simply select 'Delete' to remove the availability in entirety.

If you need assistance adding availability to your profile please do not hesitate to contact our team: hello@doctify.co.uk

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