The analytics on your dashboard display valuable data and provide an in-depth analysis of your reviews, your peer recommendations, your page views, your enquiries and your response rate.

To see your analytics page, please log in to the dashboard here, scroll down on the left-hand side and click on 'Analytics'.

Summary Table

The summary table shows a table of all of your previous reviews based on the total number that you have collected, the overall average score, as well as your average score for each category. It also displays the number of peer recommendations that you have received.

Your Patient Trust Score

Here you can view the volume of reviews that you have received broken down into each of the different star ratings. You can filter this based on the time period in which you received them as well as by category (such as bedside manner) using the green 'Overall' button.


The recommendations section shows the peer recommendations that you have collected from colleagues. You can see the total number that you have received and also filter based on the period of time in which you received them in.

Page Views

The page views section displays the number of total page views you have received since your profile became live on the Doctify website. You can see the total number of views in the bottom right-hand corner. You can filter by a certain time period using the clickable time functions in the top right-hand corner. This will then display a graph to show you the varying volume of inbound page views to your profile.


The enquiries section informs you of all of the interactions that you have received on your profile from patients. The total number of patient enquiries in the bottom right-hand corner reflects the total number of online bookings, appointment requests and telephone requests from patients combined. The percentage represents the proportion of said interactions and the number underneath shows the volume. Again, these can be filtered by a certain time period in which they were received.

Online booking - the green 'online booking' section refers to patients that have booked an appointment through your available calendar slots on your profile (should you have these set up).

Appointment requests - the pink 'appointment requests' section refers to when patients click on the 'request appointment' button on your profile and complete the form which then gets sent to yourself or your team depending on how your profile is set up.

Telephone requests - the blue 'telephone requests' section refers to the number of times that the 'call' button on your profile has been clicked on by patients. This will likely translate into a direct call from the patient to your booking phone number available on your profile in order to book an appointment with you.

Friends & Family

If your patients are submitting a review using a tablet, they have the chance to answer the following question regarding yourself or your practice:

How likely are you to recommend this specialist/practice to your friends and family?

The results of this section of the review app will display in the 'Friends & Family' section of your analytics page like so:

Green - Likely

Blue - Neither likely nor unlikely

Pink - Unlikely

The total number of patients who would recommend you is displayed in the bottom right-hand corner. This pie chart can also be filtered by time period.

Response Rate

Lastly, we have the 'response rate' section. This shows how quickly you are viewing your patient enquiries on your dashboard. The graph shows the optimal response time that we recommend of 4 hours. The second part of the graph in pink will show your own average response time whether that's more or less than 4 hours.

You can click on 'manage' in the bottom right-hand corner in order to view your latest enquiries.

If you have any questions about your analytics page, please email

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