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How to edit your patient booking information
How to edit your patient booking information

Up-to-date booking information is vital for Vitality members to be able to book an appointment with you.

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Making sure your patient booking details are up to date is essential to ensure that Vitality patients are able to get in touch with you and your bookings team. You can update both from your dashboard.

1 Navigate to the consultant login page:

2 Click the 'My Clinics' then 'Manage Clinics' section of your dashboard on the left-hand side.

3 Click 'Manage' to view the current public booking details on your profile for each facility and make any necessary changes.

**The Email and External Booking Link or Website is for a public Doctify profile and will not show on your Vitality profile**

4 Click the 'Enquiries' tab on the left-hand side then 'Notification Settings' to edit the private email address and private phone number you would like to receive Vitality patient enquiries.

This will not be visible to patients but facilitates you receiving notifications about and responding to Vitality patient enquiries.

5 Please enter the following information by clicking 'Manage' for each clinic (as seen below):

  1. Booking Alert Email - Not visible to patients. Used to notify yourself and/or your team of a patient enquiry.

    • ** Please note that you can add up to five email addresses per clinic, we recommend that at least one of the five is your own so that you are aware of account activity.**

  2. Booking Alert Phone Number (optional) - Not visible to patients. Used to text you or your secretary to let you know when an enquiry is made.

If you need any help updating your booking details, please contact us at

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