Once activated, to access the video consultation tool, please log into the Doctify Dashboard and navigate to the 'Video Consultations' tab from the left of your screen.

This section allows the scheduling of confirmed appointments and the creation of quick use video links to be shared with your colleagues and patients. Watch our short video tutorial or read on to learn more.

Scheduling Video Appointments

Scheduling video appointments provide a seamless experience for your patients and are quick and easy to do. Simply follow these steps;

  1. Select ‘Schedule a Video Consultation’.

  2. Enter the confirmed time and date of the appointment.

  3. Fill in the patient's full name and email address (please note the address is required in order for the patient to receive their joining link).

  4. Complete mobile number, DOB and notes as required.

  5. Click ‘Send Invite’ for the patient to receive their confirmation and joining link via email - the received email will arrive from hello@doctify.co.uk ensuring no transfer of your contact information.

To schedule appointments more than 2 weeks in advance, please schedule via your Doctify calendar - see here for more information.

Please note: if your appointment time reads 'Selected time overlaps your current schedule' this means that you are advertising this time as available on your Doctify calendar - see here for how to convert the availability to an appointment.

Creating a Quick Link

Creating a Quick Link provides you with a ready-to-use video consultation link that you can share with your colleagues or patients to join a video call right away. Follow these steps to set up your own Quick Link.

  1. Select ‘Doctify Video Consultations’ to generate your ready-to-use link.

  2. ‘Copy meeting invite’ will store the link in your clipboard to be pasted via your own communication channel.

  3. Or select ‘Share via email’ to input the unique link into your default email application and send from your personal email address

  4. Choose ‘Join Now’ or open the URL in another browser to enter the video meeting room.

Scheduled Video Appointments

Scheduled appointments will be listed in the ‘Upcoming Video Consultations’ list in the ‘Video Room’ tab. Patient details and the joining link can be found here - after viewing patient details, select ‘Join Call’ to enter the consultation room.

Cancelling Video Appointments

If you would like to cancel a scheduled appointment please follow these quick steps;

  1. Navigate to the 'Bookings' tab located on the left side of the screen.

  2. Find your chosen appointment, verify the details by selecting 'Patient Info'.

  3. Once you have selected the correct appointment, click 'Cancel'.

  4. The appointment will now appear in red to confirm the cancellation.

Please note that once you have cancelled the appointment, the time in your calendar will be converted to an advertised available slot - if you do not wish to advertise this time please see here for how to remove it.

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