Scheduling appointments can also be completed from your calendar, whereby empty slots can be filled or advertised, and slots can be converted into patient appointments. To get started, navigate to ‘Availability’, listed in the ‘My Clinics’ dropdown menu.

Scheduling Appointments

Scheduling appointments in your calendar is a great way to keep all your appointments neatly organised in one place. Follow these easy steps to learn how;

  1. Click the calendar within the date and time of the required appointment.

  2. Select ‘Appointments’ and complete the full name and email address of the patient (please note the address is required in order for the patient to receive their joining link).

  3. Complete mobile number, DOB and notes as required and select ‘Video Consultation’ as the chosen ‘Location’.

  4. If using an alternative video consultation software, select ‘Add an external conference link here’ and paste the URL in the free text box provided.

  5. Click ‘Send Invite’ for the patient to receive their confirmation and joining link - if you have not provided an external URL a Doctify link will be automatically generated.

Advertising Video Consultation Availability

Advertising in-person and video consultation availability ensures that your patients have flexibility and choice when making enquiries via your Doctify calendar. To do so follow these steps;

  1. Locate the 'Availability' tab under 'My Clinics'.

  2. Select the appropriate time and date and click 'Advertise slots on Doctify'.

  3. Enter the appointment duration, the number of slots available and whether the advertisement repeats on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, if necessary - note that you will also need to select the number of times you wish the appointment to repeat.

  4. Choose whether the slot-type is 'In-person', 'Video consultation' or both.

  5. Select the appropriate practice and hit 'Create Slot'. Slots will be highlighted the colour of your chosen practice and display the slot type icon, as shown below

  6. This availability will now be displayed distinctly on your Docitfy profile. Patients visiting your profile page will be able to select In-person or Video consultation availability depending on their preference and make an enquiry for their preferred time and date.

Converting Availability into an Appointment

You can easily convert an available slot in your calendar into an appointment with a patient. Just follow these simple steps;

  1. Select the advertised slot from within your calendar.

  2. Choose ‘Appointment’ from the top selections.

  3. Enter patient details accordingly and add an external consultation link if required.

  4. Click ‘Send Invite’ for the patient to receive their confirmation and joining link - if you have not provided an external URL a Doctify link will be generated.

  5. After sending the advertised slot will display as ‘Booked’ and the availability removed from the patient-facing calendar.

Scheduled Video Appointments

Scheduled appointments will be listed in the ‘Upcoming Video Consultations’ list in the ‘Video Room’ tab. Patient details and the joining link can be found here - after viewing patient details, select ‘Join Call’ to enter the consultation room.

You can also schedule appointments and generate quick links from the 'Create Video Consultation' section of your Doctify Dashboard - please see here for more information.

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