Scheduled appointments will be listed in the ‘Upcoming Video Consultations’ list in the ‘Video Room’ tab. Patient details and the joining link can be found here - after viewing patient details, select ‘Join Call’ to immediately enter the video room - be sure to join prior to your patient and check your audio and video settings.

Device Settings

Once you’ve joined the call you have a few audio and video settings available to you. Settings are located in the right corner of the video room, select the cog icon to view your devices.

Audio Input - Select your preferred microphone from the dropdown and ensure that the visual microphone bar fills green when speaking.

Audio Output - Select your preferred speaker or headphones from the dropdown menu.

Video-Input - Choose from the available options and ensure the example video input is displaying correctly.

**We recommend that you choose the default audio and video devices provided for optimum configuration.**

Having trouble with your audio/video? Troubleshoot the issue here and find the solution before your next consultation or contact the Doctify team on and they will be happy to assist.

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