Performing video consultations and communicating with your patients is easier than ever with Doctify’s in-room features. Watch our short tutorial video or read on to find out how to make the most of your consultation.

Consultation Room Settings

The settings bar is found at the bottom of your screen and includes the ability to;

Encrypted Live Chat

Start an encrypted chat with your patients in order to easily share notes and to liaise extra details via instant messenger. Follow the steps below to get started;

  1. Select the chat icon from the bottom of your screen to open the messenger feature.

  2. Type your message in the text box and select ‘Send’ to begin messaging with your patient.

  3. Select the chat icon again should you wish to hide the chat temporarily and re-enter full-screen mode.

  4. If your patient types a response or new message in the chatbox a notification will sound to alert you to their comment.

Please note; Your messages will remain in the chatbox for the duration of the consultation however the data is not stored and will be removed immediately following the end of the call.

Sharing your Screen

Share your screen to show patients documents, scans and complex information and annotate live on-screen to draw patient’s attention to information, promoting better knowledge and understanding. Just follow these quick steps to get started;

  1. Select the screen share icon from the bottom of you of the video room to select which content you wish to display - choose from your entire screen, an application window or individual browser tab.

  2. Click ‘Share’ to display the content to your patient, we recommend that you share either an application window or browser tab to protect any sensitive information on your device.

  3. When viewing your shared screen in the consultation room, left-click your mousepad to annotate the document and improve patient understanding.

Annotating your Shared Document

Annotating documents helps to improve understanding, get creative with how you present complex information by using our video room tools;

Pencil Colour - by default, annotations will be displayed in red. Select the pad and pencil icon to choose a different colour, add a new colour and highlight groups of information accordingly.

Erase - select the erase to clear all previous annotations and enter new information or switch to a new document and begin annotating again

Capture - hit the capture icon to screen-grab your shared document and annotations and drop the image capture direct in the live chat. Patient’s can click the capture on the capture to view full screen and right-click to save to their own device for later reference.

Ending the Consultation

Video consultations should be completed in the same professional manner which a patient would expect in a face-to-face appointment. When hanging up the call be mindful of the following steps;

  • Ensure the patient has acknowledged the next step, especially if a follow-up face-to-face appointment is required.

  • Patients are prompted to leave a review immediately following the call. Be sure to let them know that you would be most appreciative of their feedback.

  • Let the patient hang-up first. Once you are confident, they have left the room, you can select the call end button.

  • Upon ending the call you can submit feedback about the video quality - most helpful for Doctify in improving the software moving forwards.

Now, onto a new call. Your next patient is waiting!

We understand how busy you are so the Doctify Customer Success team is on hand to walk you through the new video consultation feature and answer any questions you might have. Just get in touch at

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