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How to update my personal & booking contact details?
How to update my personal & booking contact details?

Guide on how to edit my personal and booking contact details on the dashboard.

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Making sure your personal and booking details are up-to-date is essentail to ensure Doctify and patients have the correct contact details. You can update both from your dashboard.

Personal Contact Details

To update your personal contact details for Doctify use only (not displayed to patients), please go to the Edit Profile section of your dashboard and use the 'request a change form under the 'Doctify Tip' box to the right of this screen.

Here you will be able to fill in a form with your updated details which will be sent to us to manually edit for you, only when these changes are approved by the Doctify team will the changes appear on your dashboard.

Booking Contact Details

To update booking contact details for patients go to 'My Clinics' and 'Contact Details' and selecting 'manage.' Here you will need to update the contact details for each clinic under contact details and Booking notifications.

Please enter the following information for each clinic:

Telephone Number - Visible to patients on your profile and allows them to make a phone enquiry for the practice of their choosing. Please ensure you put the area code.

External Booking Link (if applicable)-, A direct booking system that is visible to the patient to book appointments directly through to that page.

Under the tab 'Booking Notifications' you will be able to enter:

Text Message Number (optional) - Not visible to patients. Used to text you or your secretary to let you know when an enquiry is made.

Email Address - Not visible to patients. Used to notify yourself and/or your team of a patient enquiry. Any details you enter for each clinic will need to be saved under each tab.

** Please note that you can add up to five email addresses per clinic.**

If you'd like any further assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or via Live Messenger during operating hours.

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