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How to set up the Doctify Review app
How to set up the Doctify Review app

The Doctify Review App is available for free on the Apple app store and Google Play store, for use across Android and Apple devices.

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Online review platforms are one of the most popular sources of product/service information, with research showing that face-to-face requests for feedback are around 34 times more effective than asking for feedback via email. This is why we give all of our customers access to our very own Doctify Review app, to improve the efficiency of collecting valuable feedback from patients.

Before you get started, you will need to make sure your device is connected to the internet in order to access the Apple app store or Google Play. Once downloaded, you will be able to collect patient feedback without connection to the internet - reviews will be stored within the app and then uploaded to our servers next time the device is online. However, please be aware that if the app is deleted, any reviews yet to be uploaded might be lost.

1) Downloading the Doctify Review App

Start by downloading the Doctify Review App from either Google Play or the Apple App Store.

2) Signing in to your Doctify profile

Once your download is complete, you will need to select your country from the dropdown and choose your method of sign-in. You can sign in to your account by either entering your unique review code or scanning the QR code.

Signing in by Review Code

Your review code is the 6 character code at the end of your Doctify Review Link, please note that this is case sensitive.

You can find your review code by going into the "App Information" tab under "Get Reviews" within your online Doctify dashboard.

Now just click "Sign in".

Signing in by QR code

Our new QR code login method means you won't need to remember any login details or review codes so that you can sign in to the app on any device by simply scanning a unique QR code.

To use this method, click on "Use QR Code" at the bottom of the sign-in page. You'll then be asked to allow the Doctify Review App to access the camera on your device - please click Allow.

Finally, scan the QR code, which is also located in your Doctify Dashboard under the "App Information" tab under "Get Reviews".

Now just click "Sign in".

3) Collecting reviews

The Doctify Review app provides customers with 3 methods of collecting patient feedback - directly from the device itself. We have listened to customer requests and have even provided a hands-free method of collecting review links, removing the need for patients to even touch the device themselves at all!

Our 3 methods of review collection are -

  1. Using a phone - The patient can scan the QR code shown on the screen to open your review link on their own mobile device, removing the need for hands-on interaction.

  2. Using the device itself - If preferred, the patient can leave their review on the device there and then.

  3. Review later - Entering the patient’s mobile phone number means they will be sent an SMS with the review link attached, providing easy and quick access on their own device.

4) Accessing the settings page of the Doctify Review app

The settings page on the Doctify Review app can be easily accessed at any time, by going into the top right-hand corner of the app and pressing the 'cog' icon.

When you access the settings menu, you will once again need to enter your sign-in details, using either the review code method or QR code method as previously discussed.

The settings page will provide you with the ability to alter different options within the Doctify Review app, including the option to provide an extra survey journey for patients, giving a more tailored feedback experience.

Another useful feature found within the settings of the Doctify Review app is the "Show Friends and Family Page" toggle. Once switched on, this will prompt patients to leave a rating about how likely they are to recommend you to their friends and family.

You also have the ability to log out of the Doctify Review app, but be aware you will need to log back in again, using the aforementioned sign-in methods.

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