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Subscription changes

Information on recent subscription changes for Doctify customers

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Since we launched Doctify, our goal has been to continuously bring innovation to the patient and provider experience. We are proud of the features and enhancements that we have made to the platform and the variety of digital review collection methods we have introduced.

Over time, our pricing for new subscriptions has evolved to reflect the enhancements to the platform. We are now updating our prices to our existing clients to better reflect the changes and the continued investment we are making to deliver even greater value to your membership.

Below you will find some information on why we have made these changes and how this will impact certain subscriptions.

Why are we updating our prices?

Over the last 6 years our pricing for new subscriptions has increased to £79/month for standard plan and £99/month for our recently introduced Professional Plus plan. During this time we have not applied generic price increases to our existing clients. Instead, we have kept our prices as low as possible to support our valued customers during difficult periods such as the covid-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, it is no longer sustainable for us to maintain these historical prices and we feel it is fair that our pricing reflects the product enhancements that our team has worked hard to deliver over recent years.

Why are we making these changes now?

There is never a good time to update prices. We could have made these changes earlier in the year but decided to wait until we were able to share more detail on our upcoming product enhancements that will make the patient and provider experience even better.

What are the product enhancements that you are making?

Some of our recent changes include removing the complexities behind the booking form and replacing it with our customers' direct contact email and booking link, to improve patient and customer experience. We have also created treatment tags within the review process to allow patients to select the treatment or procedure they visited you for. These treatment tags have since been incorporated into new review badges that highlight your area of expertise and specialised procedures.

Soon, we will release new profile redesigns to enhance the patient experience when searching for the right specialist. We will also be incorporating product tours within the dashboard to help guide customers to different sections of the dashboard or new features which ultimately will enhance your profile.

How much is my subscription increasing

This depends on your current pricing agreement. You were recently sent and email that confirms the increase and the date it will take effect. If you are unsure or would like more information you can contact our Customer Success team on

Are all customers affected?

Our goal with this pricing update is to bring greater alignment and fairness in the pricing across our existing clients and the new subscription rates. For this reason, affected clients will receive a price update based on their current pricing. We are committed to ensuring we reward the loyalty of our existing clients who will continue to benefit from an ongoing loyalty discount.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We really hope that you are continuing to enjoy using Doctify and understand the reasons for these price changes. However, if you would still like to cancel your subscription you can do so through this contact form. Our terms and conditions detail the cancellation process and notice period which can be found here.

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