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We are excited to introduce the improvements to our profile pages and search function on the Doctify website. We have dedicated time to refresh and improve not only our search function for patients but also the individual profiles of each of our providers. Below we will go through these changes which will improve patient experience as well as highlight key sections within your profile.

Why have these changes been made?

We updated the Doctify profile pages to improve providers' experience, increase patient engagement, and allow providers to have more control over their profiles in order to showcase their abilities. We also wanted each new profile to have a more modern and aesthetically pleasing design that is easier to navigate and streamlines the overall process for patients. Our redesigned profiles also provide opportunities for providers to showcase their interests, skills, and accomplishments more clearly for current and future patients.

How will it enhance your profile?

We have made it easier for patients to find what they need by showcasing certain aspects of the provider's profile. We have improved the patient experience and changed how reviews are displayed to make them more informative and emphasise your expertise. We've added a static panel across the page so patients always have access to your Patient Trust Score and contact details.

What are some key improvements to the profiles?

  • We've launched FAQs on profiles pages which give Doctify the ability to take up more screen space in Google results to increase visits to profile pages

  • We've improved how Doctify links profiles within the platform to aid visibility in Google

  • Optimised the content you see in Google results to attract more patients to your profiles

  • Re-built the search functionality to better patient experience

  • Search bar to remain static at the top of the results page, so patients can effortlessly navigate around the website without having to keep going back to the main page

  • Add a static panel that highlights all reviews and endorsements in addition to your contact details

Profiles on the Doctify website prior to changes

Updated profiles on the Doctify website after changes

As well as the visual aesthetic changes to the search results, some key enhancements include; making reviews and peer endorsements more noticeable for patients when searching for a Specialist or clinic. Doctify has highlighted these areas more clearly on each profile as well as displaying the treatment tags for your peer endorsements which will enhance your searchability. Furthermore, at the top of the search page, we have now added a constant search panel to make it easier for patients to navigate around the website.

*(Want more information on treatment tags and how this can improve your visibility? Click here to find out more)*

Key Updates

We are excited to introduce the above panel that will appear on each provider's profile. This panel will remain static on the page as the patient scrolls down to ensure review and endorsement data is always visible in addition to contact details in case a patient want's to enquire about an appointment. The treatment tags for reviews and endorsements are clickable and will allow patients to select a specific treatment that will take them to the corresponding review.

We have also broken down the areas each provider is reviewed on to further highlight your expertise. This will allow patients to see which procedures a provider is most often reviewed for.

One of our most exciting enhancements is the ability for patients to search peer endorsements based on specific treatment tags. Like reviews, patients want to be able to see the information relevant to them and their required treatment; this includes being able to search for recommendations left for a specific treatment.

**Want more information on how to give or receive an endorsement? Click here for more details. **

Another new addition can be found at the bottom of each profile, here you will see a list of prepopulated commonly asked questions. These FAQs will help summarise certain sections of your profile and make it easier for patients to find the answers to their queries.

If you'd like any further assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or via Live Messenger during operating hours.

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