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How to set up Surveys
How to set up Surveys

What is a Survey tool and how can you use this on your Dashboard?

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***Please note this feature is only available if you have the Doctify Expert Pro plan.

If you would like to discuss having this feature or would like more information, please contact us.***

Our Doctify survey tool allows you to customise your review journey, enabling you to add bespoke questions based on the information you and your governing body needs.

Any of the data collected on these bespoke questions will be stored within the Doctify dashboard, these answers will not be visible for patients to see online. You are able to download these answers as a CSV file for internal purposes.

You can also redirect patients to another URL link at the end of the survey allowing them to leave a review on another platform such as Google, NHS Choices, or Trustpilot via one seamless journey. Alternatively, you might want to redirect a patient to a certain webpage where you are running a marketing campaign.

How to create a Survey:

  1. Click on the “Surveys” section and start building your questionnaire

2. Click on to 'New Survey' box

Once clicked, add a name for the Survey, such as 'patient survey' and then a location.

3. This next section will default to having both the Doctify clinic and specialist parts of the review journey activated unless you choose to deactivate either of these sections using the toggles below.

Enter the question(s) you would like to add:

The Description section will show the patients what you mean by the question added or what purpose it holds. This field is not mandatory but can provide further clarity to patients where necessary.

You can also select the tick box if you wish for certain questions to be mandatory to answer.

Lastly, select from the drop-down menu to select the answer type you wish.

These include:

  • Star rating

  • Plain text

  • Multiple choice

  • Single choice

4. You can add as many questions as you wish to and can preview the Survey as a draft before setting it live

5. To add an external link to redirect patients to another URL at the end of the survey, click on 'Edit' next to the Exit page

You can add an external link for your Google review, Trustpilot, etc by adding the link to the 'Button URL' box

6. Once you are happy with your Survey, you can save this as a draft and then later publish

Once you have published the survey you can click 'share' to be able to copy your bespoke link into your patient communication

How to export the data:

Once you have begun collecting responses to your survey the 'export data' button will appear. When you click here it will allow you to export the survey responses as a CSV file. These survey responses will not be visible on the live profile they will only stored in the dashboard for internal use.

If you'd like any further assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or via Live Messenger during operating hours.

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