How to Set Up your Practice Profile

Navigating the Doctify Dashboard

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The first part of setting up your profile is ensuring your profile logo image, profile cover and images in your image gallery are added to your profile. This is where you can add your logo and some pictures of your practice in action/practice interior/treatments you offer.

As you scroll down you will see Specialities and a series of tick boxes below; Subspecialties, Medical procedures, Special Interests. These are search terms, therefore it is important you tick all the terms which are relevant to your practice.

When you have completed the tick boxes, you will need to fill out the ‘About us’ section. This enables you to outline some details of your practice and some background information that you wish to include. *Please note if you copy and paste information this will affect your online ranking, please create new text for this section*.

You will be able to find the specialist attached to the profile by clicking on specialists in the edit profiles section on the left.

The enquiries tab on the left-hand side will be where any patient enquiries will be found. You will receive an email notification to the email address you have chosen to put in the contact details section and you are able to log in and click on the enquiries tab to access the details of the enquiry.

You will find reviews on the left-hand side below enquiries. This is where you can access your reviews and reply to them.

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