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How to Share Patient Feedback to Social Media
How to Share Patient Feedback to Social Media

Learn how to share your patient feedback to social media

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If you’ve received great feedback from your patients, you can share this feedback to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Why share patient feedback on social media?

2 in 3 people in the UK use social media and they spend an average of 2 hours a day on it. When patients gather information to find the best clinics and medical specialists for them, social media plays as much of an important part as your website.

People expect to be able to source information from any service using their mobile phone. Having an active Instagram and Facebook presence shows that you are available to address concerns they may have.

Your social media and website together act as your clinic’s virtual front of office.

Your social media behaves as the most important part of this as it offers a conversational space where past and future patients can interact with you.

How do you share feedback on social media?

Firstly, please log in to your Doctify dashboard here. Then, please navigate to the reviews section on the left hand side of your screen.

Find a review that you wish to share and click which platform you’d like to share it to - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Doctify will automatically generate a picture for you to share which will look like the following:

Next, save the generated picture or email it to yourself. Once you have the automatically generated picture saved to your device, log on to your chosen Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn account and post this picture. Add a caption, tag @doctify and share your amazing feedback!

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