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How patient's tag a review and what this means for you.

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Online reviews increasingly influence patients' healthcare decisions and allow them to research the efficacy of your clinical practice. Acting as digitised word-of-mouth, reviews are the new digital currency for measuring the patient journey and their overall healthcare experience.

To assist in potential patients' research, your reviews are always tagged with the condition or procedure - thereby providing greater insight into your specific specialties and the care one might expect when undergoing the same particular treatment.

How is tagging making our reviews more intelligent?

For Clinics & Specialists

Tagged reviews allow patients to find specialists and clinics with expertise in a particular

condition or procedure using Doctify’s search pages. These search pages also appear in the search engines such as Google when patients are searching for condition, procedure or speciality in a geographic area.

If a patient searches for 'best ACL surgeons in Manchester' or for any

specialty/procedure/treatment in a location. The best patient experience is Google

returning a 'search listing' page so the patient has a choice. If Google or another search engine doesn’t have a relevant search listing page available, they will likely showcase a relevant specialist or clinic profile.

Additionally, within your Doctify Dashboard you have the ability to search for particular tags and keywords creating an opportunity for continuous learning and improvement within the care and treatment you provide for various conditions/procedures.

For Patients

Tagged reviews provide patients with a way to easily identify the specialist in their specific condition or treatment - that's in addition to seeing other patients' feedback on the care that they received with that specialist. Tagging reviews also gives patients the ability to filter reviews on profile pages so that they can read reviews directly related to the condition or procedure that impacts them, enabling the patient easily gain this valuable insight.

How Does a Patient Tag a Review?

Upon completing their star rating and commentary, patients are required to select at least one relevant condition or procedure from the selection of tick boxes associated with your Specialty.

If the patient is unable to find a relevant condition or procedure they do have the option of searching for alternative keywords and also adding a term of their own. However, this tag will not be searchable by other patients.

If you'd like any further assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or via Live Messenger during operating hours.

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