How to add a hospital location

Additional facilities can be added to your profile to provide more information for patients

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It's important to validate all the facilities on your profile to ensure Vitality patients do not try and book with you at a location in which you do not practice. This risks the patient booking with another consultant with correct practice information.

1 Navigate to the consultant login page:

2 Navigate to the 'My Clinics' then 'Contact Details’ section of your dashboard

3 Click the ‘Add clinic’ button on the right-hand side. It will bring up a modal that allows you to search for the facility you would like to add to your Vitality profile (see below)

4 When you have found the facility you would like to add, select it and click the ‘Add’ button in the bottom right corner.

If you cannot find your facility or have any trouble adding it please let us know at and we will be happy to help.

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