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How to create a Google Business Panel
How to create a Google Business Panel

How to set up a google business panel so that you can link your Doctify reviews

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A google business panel is powered directly via google and is not a Doctify product. You can however, include your Doctify reviews on your panel once this has been set up. You do not have to pay to create a business panel and this can be set up in a few minutes.

Please find below a step by step guide on how to create this and then how you can include your Doctify reviews once this has been set up.

** in order to create a Google Business Panel you will first need to set up a google email address. If you do not have one please click here to set one up.

Creating a business panel

Firstly you will need to go to google and search business panel/google business Profile manager, the direct link is here.

You will then need to complete a series of questions such as you your name/Business name, what areas your business covers and any description you would like to give viewers about yourself or the business. You











Once you have completed the above steps you will be given a view of what the business panel looks like. If you have skipped any of the verification stages you will need to do this before the panel goes live and is visible.

Once your Google Business Panel is complete this will be downloaded to your google apps.

Once you have your Business panel set up you can then go on to integrate your Doctify reviews with this panel. For further information on how to integrate reviews to your panel please refer to this guide.

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