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Updating your patient booking details
Updating your patient booking details

How to update your booking details so patients can have the most accurate number and booking link /email to make appointments and enquiries.

Updated over a week ago

There have been some exciting changes to the way patients request appointments. Now patients can go directly to the Clinic or Consultant's booking team to request an appointment rather than request via Doctify. We have done this by removing the appointment removal form; instead, the book button will display your booking email/ link. Patients can then either email your team directly or follow your booking link.

Why have we made these changes?

These changes are an exciting step toward reducing patient waiting times. Instead of asking for an appointment through Doctify, patients can now use your profile to find your direct booking email or link and contact you directly. This will help reduce response times and save you and your team time from logging in to the Doctify Dashboard whenever you have a new patient enquiry.

Will I still be able to track the metrics to see how many enquiries I am getting from Doctify?

Yes! Instead of seeing appointment enquiries in a separate tab on your dashboard, you will see this on the homepage when you log in. The call and book buttons will also keep track of how many patients have used them to get your contact information.

*Please note that if you are also a vitality or HCA consultant, you will still see the enquiries tab on your dashboard and receive enquiries this way.

What happens to the booking calendar?

The booking calendar has been removed, preventing patients from booking into advertised slots. This will allow providers to have full control over their appointments and availability. Instead, we are asking you to update your booking details, including your contact number and booking email or link. This will be visible on your profile, and potential patients can contact your team directly about availability.

How do I update my booking details for patients?

You will need to log in to the dashboard and go to the navigation bar on your left. You will see the section 'Edit profile' and 'appointment information'.

Any details you add to this section will be made public to anyone who visits your Doctify page.

  • Phone number - This can be for your booking team or medical secretary

  • Contact email - If you have a direct email address for booking enquiries, this can be added as well

  • External booking link - If you have a website you would like to direct patients to, you can add your external booking link or website page URL here

How will this look on my profile?

When patients click the book button, they will now be presented with your email and or booking link. Below you will see an example of what patients may see if you have information in this section.

Will I still receive Vitality and HCA booking requests via the Doctify dashboard?

These new changes are not currently applicable to the Vitality finder; therefore, patients can still request an appointment via the booking form already in place. This will not change. Your nominated booking email will still receive emails when a patient requests an appointment, and you will need to login into the dashboard via the Doctify website to see the patient details to make the appointment. For more information on how to update your contact details for vitality booking requests, please click here.

Any booking requests made through the HCA Finder will be sent directly to the HCA contact centre or bookings team. You will no longer be required to log in to the Dashboard to view the HCA enquires.

If you'd like any further assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact us page or via Live Messenger during operating hours.

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