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My Network (Practices) - FAQs
Updated over a week ago

We are excited to share our new Network feature that celebrates and rewards providers' commitment to professional networking and collaboration. This new feature will allow you to search and connect with clinicians and experts across specialities to strengthen your practice reach and awareness.

Frequently asked questions

How do I build a follower base for my practice?

Go to the ’My network” tab in the left menubar in your Doctify dashboard, from there you can either search for a clinician through the Doctify Directory or through the ‘Do you know?’ sub-section. Simply find clinicians related to your practice and invite them to follow you.

How can I engage with my followers?

We will shortly launch an activity wall where you’ll be able to share updates from your profile and practice. By sharing this with your network automatically ensures your practice and expertise remain front of mind.

Why is this valuable to my practice?

When sending a follow request to a clinician, they will receive an email from your “hospital or clinic” inviting them to follow you. This creates instant brand awareness and will allow you to share profile updates as part of your new “network”.

How do I get the “Trusted Network” badge?

The badge will be unlocked and added to your profile automatically once you have reached a network size of 100 followers.

Can I contact people via the Network page?

We don’t currently have a messaging function. However you can access a provider's public contact details via their profile page if you wish to get in touch directly.

Can I connect with clinicians not on Doctify?
No, most clinicians should exist but if you can’t find someone in particular, please just reach out to our support!

If you would like more information about our Network feature, please reach out to our Support Team using the contact form or via using Live chat during operating hours.

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