Is Doctify a Healthcare Provider?

Can Doctify provide patients with medical help and advice

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Doctify is a review platform in which you can search, compare and request and appointment with a consultant or clinic of your choosing.

Doctify allows you to search for Health Specialists, Clinics or Hospital by specialism, location or insurance provider. You can also access information on the services/ treatments they provide, read past-patient reviews and request an appointment with your chosen Healthcare Provider.

The Doctify website is self-directed. Doctify team members are not medically qualified and under United Kingdom law it is illegal for us to provide you with forthright medical information - the reason for such is in the interest of patient safety.

Take a look at our short video here to learn more about how to use our website to find the right healthcare professional for you:

It is the sole responsibility of the Health Specialist to be eligible and capable of providing the appropriate medical advice, treatment, assistance or procedure.

You can locate our Terms and Conditions here.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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