What Happens if you Receive a Negative Review?

It is natural to have some concerns about receiving negative feedback however, we have found patients are far more likely to share a positive experience online. 

This said, it is impossible to make every patient happy so managing bad reviews offers the opportunity to gain valuable performance feedback and improve health care delivery.

How you manage negative feedback says more about your service than a multitude of 5 star reviews. For this reason, if you do receive a a review that is 3 stars or below our team will contact you personally and offer advice on how best to reply. 

How to Reply to Reviews on your Profile

Ignoring negative reviews can jeopardise your practice but responding in the wrong manner can leave a lasting affect on future patient opinions. 

To respond to patient feedback you will need to login to your Docitfy profile (forgot your password?) and select 'Reviews' from the tabs on the left-hand side.

Click 'Reply' to enter your response in the text box. Remember that your reply will be posted publicly on your profile page and will be visible to patients visiting the site, we advise you remain calm and do not respond emotionally. 

A clear concise reply which offers resolution and empathy displays a high level of patient engagement and self-betterment which is a positive message for future patients.  

If you feel that you patients comments are entirely unfair and a misrepresentation of your care then please 'Report' the review and a member of our team will be in contact to discuss the matter further. 

If you would like assistance with your response or any other review matter, our team  would be more than happy to help. Please contact customerservice@doctify.co.uk

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