Getting Started

  1. Download Doctify Reviews from the Google Play store on any android device.
  2. Sign into your practice/specialist account using your Doctify username & password.
  3. Select whether you would like to add your practice or specialist, then select the appropriate profiles. 
  4. After which, you will be brought to your practice/specialist main review page. 

Creating a Review

The sequence of patient feedback submission is listed below.

**Please note: if you lose connection to WiFi, your reviews will be stored in your device and will be uploaded to the Doctify database for approval after WiFi re-connection has occurred and the 'Start Review' button is again selected on the home page**

  1. Review Practice: Patients are required to select a star rating for your practice and can also leave written feedback in the text box below. 

    2. Find your Consultant: After practice feedback is provided, the patient can select        their specialist by scrolling through the alphabetised list, or by typing the                     consultants name into the search bar located at the top right. 

The patient may opt out of reviewing their specialist by selecting the 'Skip' bottom in the right hand corner - this will lead the patient directly to the 'Friends & Family' questionnaire 

    3. Review Specialist : Patients that choose to review their consultant are required             to select a star rating and can justify the rating by leaving written commentary in           the text box. Additionally, there is an option for the patient to select the reason             for their visit. 

    4. Friends & Family : In this section patients can select how likely they are to refer           your practice to their friends and family.

    4. Demographics: In this final section, patients are prompted to select their gender,          age range and enter their email address (optional).

**Please note that demographic information collected is not published on Doctify, and is simply stored for your own use.**

After the sequence i fully completed the patient's review will be submitted to Doctify for approval. We moderate our reviews with the goal of building trustworthy and representative feedback that allows future patients to make an informed decision about their healthcare provider.

For more information about how we moderate review please see here.

If you need any assistance with setting up your Doctify Review app please contact and we would be more than happy to help.

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