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How we vet patient reviews

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We make sure our reviews meet our terms and conditions with the goal to build a trustworthy, representative and reliable review system. 

We have a zero-tolerance policy towards reviews containing medical outcomes profanity and misleading content. For this reason, we read every review that is submitted before posting it live on our site. 

Are there Instances in which a Review May Not be Posted?

  • Accuracy of treatment or diagnosis: We don’t publish claims about the accuracy of a practitioner’s treatment and diagnosis, because they are factual matters that we cannot verify.

  • Personal information:  We won’t post reviews that include personally identifiable information such as a patient’s full name, phone number, or email address.

  • Pricing specifics: These comments tend to reflect more on insurance providers than physicians.

  • Profanity/Defamation: We won’t publish anything profane, vulgar, slanderous, or otherwise offensive content.

  • Promotional content: We want our reviews to be as relevant as possible, so we don’t post reviews that promote an unrelated website, product, topic, or other item that is unrelated to the patient experience.

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