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Automating Doctify review collection with SOE (Software of Excellence)
Automating Doctify review collection with SOE (Software of Excellence)

How to automate the sending of your Doctify review link using the dental practice management software SOE (Software of Excellence)

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We have helped many customers collect regular feedback using their practice management software. Collecting regular feedback boosts the frequency and total volume of reviews - helping optimize your profile and rank higher on Doctify as well as other search engines.

SOE (Software of Excellence) has been used by many dental clinics to automate their collection of patient feedback. SOE will automatically send out a personalised review request email to every patient 24 hours after their appointment.

If you work with SOE you can follow the 2 simple steps below to create a personalised template and choose when to automatically send it out to patients.

Step 1: Create a personalised review email template

This video shows step by step how to create a personalised email template.

Doctify can provide you with your unique email template. If you would like to talk us about other email templates or general tips on how to ask your patients for feedback, please get in touch with your customer success manager directly or alternatively our customer support team on


Step 2: Schedule automatic sending of the email to all patients

Once you have added the review email template you are just a few simple steps away from completing the automation set-up.

  • Click on "Configure"

  • Select "Automatic Appointment follow ups" in the drop down

  • Click on "Next"

  • The next screen will show the following:

  • Firstly select the "Type" as "Email"

  • "Send after" 1 day

  • You can now select "Template" and choose the Doctify email template that you created earlier

  • In the final box "Select patients" click on the icon to the right.

  • The next screen will show existing patient lists

  • To create a new patient list please click on the "+1" box in the bottom right hand corner

  • Next step: Select "Any appointment"

  • Another window will open and here you will need to select patients from "3 months ago" to "Yesterday" shown below:

  • On the same window make sure to exclude failed appointments and cancelled appointments by leaving both boxes un-ticked

  • Last steps: Click on "Ok" "OK" and then "Finish"

  • Your Doctify email template will now send automatically to patients 24 hrs later post treatment.

Now you are fully set up with an automated review journey!

If you would like to learn more about setting up review automation with SOE or any other system please get in contact with your customer success manager directly or our customer support team at

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