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Guide To Vitality Appointment Requests
Guide To Vitality Appointment Requests

What to do when a Vitality patient makes an enquiry via the Vitality Consultant Finder

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Vitality and Doctify are committed to improving patients' experience. We work with you and your medical support team to ensure that patient enquiries are actioned in a timely manner.

The request appointment feature is accessible to patients via the 'Request Appointment' button on your Vitality profile. This allows a member to request an appointment 24hrs a day (theoretically). It prompts an email from Doctify that a member would like an appointment. From that moment, you have 36hrs to respond (excluding weekends).


Answering Patient Appointment Requests

When a patient submits an enquiry through the Vitality Finder you will be notified via email and prompted to log in to your account via Doctify to access the patient's contact details and make further arrangements.

Here are the steps below to locate patient details:

1 Navigate to the consultant login page:

2 Fill in your login credentials

3 Click the 'Enquiries' tab on the left-hand side of your screen, 'Manage Enquiries' then view 'Patient info'

**Please note, you can only view the Enquiries tab on a desktop.**

Upon doing so, the relevant patient information will be visible and you can contact them accordingly to make arrangements for their appointment. We encourage you or your medical secretary to do this as soon as possible.

Response Time Expectations

You must respond to these appointment requests within 36hrs (excluding weekends). Doctify tracks how long a patient enquiry has been left unactioned and we will contact you via email at various intervals until the enquiry has been viewed. If the appointment is unactioned after 36hrs you will be contacted by the Vitality Premier team.

Patients have conscientiously selected you as their consultant as they value your care and expertise; without receiving a timely reply to an enquiry they are likely to seek advice from an alternative medical professional.

**Please note: Patients can only request an appointment. It is your responsibility to confirm a date and time. Correspondence from Doctify explains to patients that they should not attend your clinic until receiving written or verbal confirmation from you or your secretary**

Editing The Recipient Of Your Patient Appointment Requests

1 Navigate to the consultant login page:

2 Click 'Enquiries' and then the 'Notification settings' section of your dashboard on the left-hand side.

3 Click 'Manage' to view the current booking details on your Vitality profile for each facility and make any necessary changes.

**The 'Booking notifications' email for each of your practice locations is not visible to patients but is only used in order to receive email notifications of bookings.**

If you'd like any further assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or via Live Messenger during operating hours.

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