Whether you receive positive or negative feedback, it is important to respond to your reviews and highlight the value of your patients and the feedback they leave about yourself and your practice.

Responding to reviews not only helps to build trust with future patients, but also builds trust with search engines. Going above and beyond to respond to constructive criticism and also thank patients for their praises, will strengthen your online credibility and display your commitment to patient care.

How to Reply to Reviews on your Profile

To respond to patient feedback you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Login to your Doctify profile 
  • Select the 'Reviews' tab on the left of your screen
  • Click 'Reply' on the review of your choice
  • Type your response in the free text box
  • Select 'Send' to submit your response for publication

Please remember that your reply will be posted publicly on your profile page and will be visible to patients visiting the site. 

How to Respond to Positive Reviews

It is important to thank patients for their feedback to show that you truly value patient opinion. 

  • Thank the patient - show your patient gratitude for taking the time to submit a review
  • Be specific - whilst a generic reply is better than no reply, take the time to reply directly to content of a review. This offers a personal touch and level of care that will build trust and confidence in future patients

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

  • Apologise and acknowledge - Keep your response polite and non-confrontational. Apologise for the patients experience and thank them for their feedback
  • Move it offline - Your responses are visible to other patients, it is best to move the conversation offline by offer your business contact details 
  • Keep it short and simple - Provide a clear, concise reply which offer resolution and display empathy.

If you would like assistance with your response or any other review matter, our team  would be more than happy to help. Please contact customerservice@doctify.co.uk

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