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Automating review collection with WriteUpp
Automating review collection with WriteUpp

How to automate the sending of your Doctify review link using the practice management software WriteUpp

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We have helped many customers to collect regular feedback easily using their practice management software. Collecting regular feedback boosts the frequency and total volume of reviews - helping optimize your profile and rank higher on Doctify as well as other search engines.

WriteUpp has been used by many providers to send out a review request email to every patient they see by adding their Doctify review link into patient letters and emails. You can create a new customized document that requests feedback and you can also add your Doctify review link or QR code into existing documents including invoices and follow-up letters - making it even easier to ensure that all patients receive your review link.

How to add the Doctify Review Template to your own custom template in the WriteUpp Document Gallery

PRO TIP: Only administrators have the ability to create their own custom Document Templates.

  1. Go to Settings -> Docs

  2. Click on the Create New Template button at the bottom of the page and you will be taken to the Document Template Builder page

  3. Enter the Name as 'Doctify Review Request' and add a Description so other people know what this template is for

  4. Enter the details of the document in the editor. We recommend using the below template including a hyperlinked image;

  5. If you want to insert any variables - like patient name or specialist name - click on the variables button in the editor. These will be automatically populated with the relevant patient's details when you use the template.

  6. Once you are finished, click Save

How to set up the Doctify Review Template as an email template

  1. Open the Doctify Review document by going to the Files tab of the Patient Summary and clicking on any file with the type Document

  2. Click on the email icon at the bottom right of the screen:

  3. Click on Manage Email Templates for Documents alongside the Select Templates dropdown

  4. Select the + Add Template button

  5. Enter your Doctify Review template (below) and edit and format as required. You can also add variables as desired. Once completed click Save.

  6. You'll then see the Doctify Review template listed, with options to Preview, Edit or Delete the template. While clicking Back to Message will return you to the email screen

  7. When emailing documents, you'll then be able to use any of your templates by selecting one from the dropdown:

How to edit an existing template or document in the Document Gallery to add in the Doctify Review link or QR code

PRO TIP: Adding the review link to existing patient communications will make it easier to ensure that all patients are receiving the review link.

  1. To edit a document template go to Settings -> Docs

  2. Choose the template that you wish to add the Doctify review link into - we suggest either Letters or Invoices

    • PRO TIP: First Invoices (not reminders) or Discharge Letters are the best for this

  3. Open the template

  4. Insert your Doctify review link into the letter directly

    • PRO TIP: you can also generate a QR code of the review link by putting the URL into any online QR code generator tool for example here

  5. Once you're happy with the edited document click Save

  6. The edited document is now ready to send out to patients!!

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