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How to Build my Patient Trust Score
How to Build my Patient Trust Score

Patient reviews are extremely important when building your online reputation & help effectively create trust between you and your patients.

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Collecting patient feedback enhances your online reputation, improves healthcare delivery and helps patients make more educated choices.

How to Collect Patient Reviews

1. By Email

The easiest way to begin collecting patient reviews is to send your review link to 200-300 existing patients - ideally patients you have seen in the last 3-6 months.

How to get the email addresses: Patient contact details are stored in your practice management software.

How to send the email: Use your practice management software's mailbox to email patients. BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) the email addresses to secure patient details and remain data protection compliant. 

Content of the email

Please leave a review

Thank you for booking with xxxxx - we hope you were happy with the treatment you received.

Alternate text

We truly appreciate your feedback.

Please leave a review of your experience so that other patients can benefit from what you have to say. It only takes a minute but it can mean a world of difference to other patients.



** Don’t forget to hyperlink your bespoke review link:{{enter your unique code here}}

2. Include your Review Link in Patient Correspondence

Continuous review collection is easy and important - you wouldn't book a hotel that was last reviewed in 2017! 

Each new review will increase your visibility online and allow patients to find you more easily. 

Don't miss a single patient - Include the following in the email signature of yourself, your medical secretary and the rest of your team for one-click collection:

'Your opinion improves our care for the next patient. Will you take a quick minute to leave us your anonymous feedback on Doctify?{{enter your unique code here}}

3. Download Our Review App

Download our Apple & Android Doctify Review app for quick, easy, on-site collection.

We encourage you to use the app at your reception desk/waiting room so as you are able to collect patient feedback immediately following a consultation or procedure.

For advice on how to install and set up the Doctify Review App please see the following articles: 

If you need further help collecting patient reviews, downloading the app or are not sure where to find your review link, please contact

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